Welcome to Miami Kids Music!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The following information will familiarize you with our policies and will enhance your overall experience.

By enrolling in a Music Together® class at Miami Kids Music LLC, a licensed Music Together center, you agree that any information you provide will be shared with Music Together Worldwide (MTW). For information about how MTW uses and stores your personal information, we encourage you to review the Music Together Worldwide Privacy Policy.”


Please arrive a few minutes early in order to get settled. We plan to start on time.


You are entitled to a maximum of 2 make-up classes per session (1 in the summer). You may use your make-ups within the current session or within the following session. To schedule a makeup you can now use the online MakeUp Scheduler. The Access Code is "miami music".

If you need assistance please call (561)747-3637. We can only allow in class those families who have already arranged to make up a class, so please do not show up to make up a class that you have not scheduled. This is to insure a manageable class size and that there is adequate number of instruments for each child in class. If you fail to show up to a scheduled make up class without canceling the scheduled make up class you forfeit one make up.


With concerns over the H1N1 virus this year, please understand that if your child has a runny nose (no matter WHAT color, even CLEAR), fever, cough or is not acting like themselves, we will kindly ask you to take your child out of class. Please do not be upset, but understand that this is for the good of all our children, including your own.

The Swine Flu (H1N1 virus) is now considered to be CONTAGIOUS FOR UP TO 7 DAYS...Please be aware of this and err on the side of caution before bringing your child to class. We will be generous about Makeups for the period of time that the flu is a concern. If in doubt, schedule a Makeup or email us at: MiamiKidsMusic@aol.com


Please DO NOT bring any food into the classroom. This can be a distraction in the class and the administration at Pinecrest Community Center asks that there be no food in the classroom. However, since very young children have a need to suckle, feel free to breastfeed or bottle-feed your children at any time. If your child drinks from a sippy cup and is thirsty, feel free to step to the side of the room to give him/her a drink.


Extra grown-ups or caregivers are always welcome to come to class, anytime!!


If your older child/children are off from school, you are babysitting someone else's child, or
you have visitors on a music day, you may bring any child/ren ONE time at no additional cost per session. After that, we are now instituting a fee of $10 per child per class.  Please email the Office to reserve a space for them.


Children are allowed to move freely during the class. We ask that you, as the caregiver, monitor your child’s activity to insure his/her personal safety and the safety of others. You can either stay in the circle and model your enthusiasm and enjoyment of the music, or you can bring the activity to him/her wherever he/she moves about. If he/she becomes disruptive, try to redirect him/her back to that musical activity at hand as best as you can. Feel free to take your child out of the classroom for a minute or two if he/she is having a difficult time. This can help him/her tremendously to calm down if that is what he/she needs. Please remember that we are all parents and know what it is like for a child to have difficult time at one time or another so it is most certainly not something to be embarrassed about if it should happen.


No running in the classroom unless it is directed as part of an activity. This is a safety issue! If your child really needs to run, feel free to take him/her outside of the building to run around and re-join us when ready.


In order to create a successful music and movement experience for the children, it is necessary for the caregivers to refrain from talking (unless so prompted) for the entire duration of the class. Although I encourage caregivers to get to know each other throughout the session, I ask that it not be in the middle of a song or rhythmic chant. There are times in between songs or before and after class to get to know each other. Caregivers are encouraged to give physical and gestured cues and encouragement to the children instead of verbal instructions. Eye contact,
smiles, affection and mimicking the child’s musical responses are effective ways to give positive reinforcement. By
not giving verbal instructions and letting your child model by seeing, you are also allowing your child to explore
music for him/herself. Also, PLEASE do not yell to your child from across the room.


We will be using a variety of instruments. Some children will enjoy exploring the instruments with their mouths. This is developmentally appropriate! We use a cleaning method suggested by the CDC (Center for Disease Control). After your child uses an instrument, if they mouthed it we ask you to clean the instrument with a Wet Wipe and then put their instrument in the"Wet Box." Your teacher will clean all the instruments in the gooey box again after class, so that they
are clean for the next day.


As adults we often have the impulse to control our child's movements and manipulate their limbs; for example, clapping their hands for them or shaking their
instrument for them. This is neither necessary nor encouraged, since it restricts the child from reacting spontaneously to the musical environment. (An exception to this may be with those children who have special needs and do not have voluntary control of their limbs.) Our extensive research shows that role modeling and caregiver participation is essential to musical development in children. By simply relaxing and enjoying the process of making music yourself,  YOU are the best model for your children in class. Some children will participate in all of the activities, some will observe. Please respect the unique style of your child.


After the first class if you withdraw, you will be refunded all monies but a cancellation fee of $45. Like most schools, we cannot normally refund or give credit for classes missed during a session, even if those absences have been frequent. Also, the entire orientation of the Music Together program is towards extending the class  experience into the child's life outside of class by means of parent education and supporting materials, such as the Music Together CDs and songbooks.

Tuition includes these items and consequently is not "wasted" even if classes are missed. In addition, we provide for two make-up classes per session per child. Nonetheless, at the discretion of the director, partial credit or refund for up to six missed classes may be provided towards future classes in cases of prolonged absence due to severe illness, unsolvable adjustment difficulty, or other unusual circumstances (does not include change in child's nap schedule).

Please feel free to contact us with any questions!